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Chang Rong Machinery /San Sheng Chuan Co.,Ltd was established in Taiwan more than ten years, dedicated to trade and maintain plastic molding machine includes Injection molding machine, blow molding machine and Nuts. We provide the best service to our customers with seriously, quality, and commitment brief.Vta中古射出機│中古塑膠射出機│粉碎機│混料機│拌料機│乾燥機│吸料機│中古機械買賣與維修│長嶸機械有限公司

-We provide a profeesional service in searching and selling new machines for customers. We cooperate with China factory to save our cost, but our computers and other precision parts are produced in Taiwan. Therefore, we could offer our customers good quality machines with competitive pricing.Vta中古射出機│中古塑膠射出機│粉碎機│混料機│拌料機│乾燥機│吸料機│中古機械買賣與維修│長嶸機械有限公司

-After sales serviceVta中古射出機│中古塑膠射出機│粉碎機│混料機│拌料機│乾燥機│吸料機│中古機械買賣與維修│長嶸機械有限公司

-Competitive pricing and one year warranty as new machine.Vta中古射出機│中古塑膠射出機│粉碎機│混料機│拌料機│乾燥機│吸料機│中古機械買賣與維修│長嶸機械有限公司

-We also buy your old or non-use machine with a reasonable pricing, so you could arrange your machine usage more efficiently.Vta中古射出機│中古塑膠射出機│粉碎機│混料機│拌料機│乾燥機│吸料機│中古機械買賣與維修│長嶸機械有限公司
-We buy and sell Plastic injection molding machine,Grinder,Mixing feeder, drying feeder, conveyor, freezer, etc and related peripheral equipment such as screws, fasteners, plastic pallets… etc.

Please contact us for full specifications and additional details.Vta中古射出機│中古塑膠射出機│粉碎機│混料機│拌料機│乾燥機│吸料機│中古機械買賣與維修│長嶸機械有限公司
Contact:Ms.Vivian ChengVta中古射出機│中古塑膠射出機│粉碎機│混料機│拌料機│乾燥機│吸料機│中古機械買賣與維修│長嶸機械有限公司
TEL: +886 6 2039903Vta中古射出機│中古塑膠射出機│粉碎機│混料機│拌料機│乾燥機│吸料機│中古機械買賣與維修│長嶸機械有限公司
Address: No.30, Lane 311, Fu An Road, 3Sec. Tainan City, Taiwan